1970 Chevelle SS Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

Removing years of scratches from hand washing & waxing on this classic automobile.

About this Detail

This owner has kept this vehicle for many years, so this was a special kind of detail. The issue was after hand waxing the vehicle so many times, the paint had become scratched and swirled heavily. Since this vehicle was restored and repainted, we had plenty of paint to work with. A full paint correction was in order, followed by a ceramic coating, so the need to hand wax was a thing of the past. No more waxing means less scratches.
This service included:

  • Exterior detail
  • Full paint correction & polishing
  • 5 Year ceramic coating applied to exterior

This level of polishing is only recommended for rare, valuable, or collectable vehicles with sufficient amounts of paint thickness. A substantial amount of material is removed to create this level of desired finish. Since this vehicle was repainted, our paint thickness meter indicated that we were okay to proceed. Three stages of polishing were completed. A heavy cut of 3000 grit compound, a heavy polish, and a final finishing step to achieve the highest level of gloss.

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