2 Step Polish


Removes moderate scratches.


Provides a swirl free finish.


Paint thickness measurements for safety.


Only recommended for properly maintained vehicle.

Detailing Steps

Step 1

The vehicle undergoes a decontamination wash, which includes a clay bar and iron removal garmin app herunterladen. This cleans the paint from common contamination and get’s it ready for polishing.

Step 2

After the decontamination, the vehicle is moved out of the wash bay and into the polishing area gameboy spieleen. Here we perform a few tests to see which combination of polishing pad and polish gives your vehicle the best results. The paint is also measured to ensure enough thickness to proceed herunterladen.

Step 3

After determining the best combination of products for your vehicle, we polish all painted surfaces twice herunterladen. The first pass removes most of the deep defects, while the following step refines the finish and enhances gloss.

Step 4

Tire shine is applied and door jambs are dried netflix downloaden oder streamen. The vehicle is protected with a UV protecting wax to prevent fading, and oxidation.

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