Most Apartment buildings and complexes don’t have easy ways to wash your car. You may not have any access to a hose with running water. And let’s not forget that automatic car washes cause thousands of small micro scratches in your paint outlook 2013 exchange alle mails herunterladen. So what do you do? Are you doomed to just always have a dirty car? NOPE! With the advancement in detailing chemicals you are now able to wash your car with about 2 gallons of water in a bucket. No hose needed. 

Introducing Rinseless Washing

You can now wash your car without needing a hose to rinse the soap off download several youtube videos at the same time. It’s conveniently called a rinseless wash. You add a few gallons of water in a bucket with the proper dilution of rinseless wash. This may be different depending on which rinseless wash you pick. I personally like Optimum No Rinse (commonly referred to as ONR). The only other thing you’ll need is some microfibers and a drying towel. You can do this anywhere amazon herunterladen pc. I often drive my car to a nice scenic water view spot with a bucket of water and wash my car there. Imagine that. 

The Technology

On the most basic level the solution is made of polymers that encapsulate and bear hug the dirt. It creates a slick layer between the dirt and the paint, pulling it away from the paint and protecting from scratching. It can still scratch if your technique isn’t right download instagram profile. You don’t want to use any pressure. Let the solution do all of the work and lift the dirt away from the paint. In fact rinseless washes are safer than traditional soap and water because of the lubricating and encapsulating properties.

Most scratches during traditional soap and water washes are caused during the drying phase. When you are washing, the soap lubricates the paint herunterladen. When you rinse the soap off you are left with just water on the car. Water has a high surface tension and requires a bit of pressure to dry off of the paint. When you use a rinseless wash, the polymers in the solution add lubrication while drying and avoiding those scratches. 

How Is It Done icloud whatsapp backup downloaden?

Add 2 gallons or so of water in a bucket and add your rinseless solution. Check the bottle for dilution instructions. ONR needs 1 ounce per every 2 gallons of water if you choose to use that. Once the solution is mixed up you add 8 to 12 plush high quality microfibers download clever-tanken for free. This is important because I can almost guarantee that if you purchase your generic microfibers at a general auto parts store you will scratch your car. visit to get the highest quality Korean microfibers available. It’s all we will ever use and they are an amazing company. 

Once the microfibers are all soaked, you are ready to go herunterladen. Optionally if the car is extra dirty you can fill up a spray bottle of the solution and pre-soak your cars panels one at a time. If you choose to go the safe route, pre-soak the panel you are about to wash. Grab a microfiber from the bucket and gently glide the microfiber over the panel with no pressure. This will pick up the dirt while it’s being encapsulated and get trapped on the microfiber big ben klingelton kostenlos herunterladen. After every pass or section, flip the microfiber to a clean section and do the next part. 

Once the microfiber is fully used and dirty, put it aside. You are done with it. You never want to put the dirty microfiber back in your clean bucket. This is how we avoid scratching. Grab a new microfiber from the bucket and continue washing mein erstes pony kostenlos downloaden. You can dry the panel directly after washing it to save time. This process does not require the solution to be rinsed off. It doesn’t produce suds and leaves behind a slick layer of polymer protection. Continue to do the entire car. The wheels can be cleaned in the same way. You can use a cleaner and wheel brushes first, then use a microfiber to wipe the dirt away.

No More Worries

So that’s it. You can realistically do a rinseless wash for all of your washes and never need a hose. If your car is extra dirty for whatever reason and has mud or caked on dirt, you may want to take it to a self serve car wash and use the pressure washer to blast the heavy dirt off. Then directly drive home and wash your car with a rinseless method. Or if the wash allows, do it right there. Or take my idea and go drive somewhere that has a nice view, put some music on and enjoy washing your car anywhere. It’s a unique experience being on a dock near the ocean and being able to wash your car. Gets me some business awareness too I guess haha. Have a great day! 

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