Ceramic Coating

“Had a full paint correction, interior detail and ceramic coating done by this company. I never thought my paint could look so good. My black 2010 Audi looked better than new. Plus because of that ceramic coating every time I wash it looks like I just picked it up from a detail, even 6 months later. It stands out like a mirror in parking lots and will continue to for years because of the coating and prep done to the paint. If your looking for any kind of detail work done stop looking, you have just stumbled upon the best. You’re welcome and enjoy your new detail. I’d never let someone touch my paint again unless it’s detail sector. Why settle for less than the best.”

Ceramic Coatings Protect Your Paint Long-Term

A Ceramic Coating is a premium wax alternative. A Ceramic Coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s paint, meaning that it does not wash away or break down and does not require repeated application every few months.



Step 1: Decontamination

Every exterior coating package includes our Detail Sector signature decontamination wash to remove everything stuck to the surface of your paint. We use a variety of specialty chemicals and mechanical techniques to get your paint smooth and clean.

Step 2: Paint Correction

We need to fix your paint next! All of our coating packages will include a minimum enhancement polish, but true paint correction may be needed to get that mirror reflection before we coat.

Step 3: Ceramic Coating Application

Most of our coating packages take a minimum of 1-2 full days, preparing a vehicle for ceramic is more important than the application process itself. We need a squeaky clean surface for the coating to bond properly.



Kris BarbellaKris Barbella
01:35 13 Aug 22
Ceramic coating inside & out. Awesome work done by Detail Sector!!! Do not go anywhere else!!!
Nick BlyumbergNick Blyumberg
00:28 07 Jul 22
My car fell into severe neglected due to higher priority obligations and I knew the job was beyond a typical car wash or even a drive by detailer who likely didn't have the necessary mobile setup to do the right job.I searched for local detail shops and came across Detail Sector on Yelp. The address jogged my memory and I knew that I had stopped by once before. I remembered the shop and knew that my car was going to be taken care of.I stopped by for Jon to give me an estimate which I thought was very fair given the condition of the exterior and interior car. We talked about the work involved and when he had availability and after working out the details I dropped my car off to get it cleaned up. Jon did an excellent and thorough job both inside and out. The interior looks almost brand new and the exterior is as good as I had hoped for it being a 16 year old car. I definitely got a fair deal on all the work he had to put in. Jon is also very customer service oriented and my interactions with him were great. He is knowledgeable and also provided me with some additional recommendations for a few other things I may do in the future.
Edward Peters IIEdward Peters II
18:39 01 May 22
John and I had discussed detailing my car, sometime in 2021 but I wasn’t able to make it to him because there was always one thing or another that came up. Life gets busy for all of us. I was also nervous because you hear so many stories about people bringing their cars to get detailed and bad experiences happen. I had a person who detailed my cars from 2001, until 2020. He wasn’t being honest and I found out because He lied about something he claimed to try and do on my vehicle. I was able to do it myself, inexpensively and minimally, without damaging my SUV. Well, two weeks ago, I had John wash, vacuum and minimally detail my SUV and he surpassed my expectations. I hadn’t washed or fussed with the vehicle for months and was worried it would be a ‘miracle’ to get it nice again. Well, John is the person you want to touch your car. He is hands-on and cares about your vehicle, whether you drive a high-end one or a moderate one. He was also, honest. I cannot stress this enough! When someone isn’t honest, you don’t know where you stand and they can charge you, lots of money and not do what they say they’re going to do! With today’s economy where every dollar counts, this matters! John is a decent, honest, hard-working car that will make your car look, virtually, brand-new. You owe it to yourself, your wallet and piece-of-mind to at least check him out. The drive to his place is really nice, too! An overall, ‘nice’ experience.
Maria FanizzaMaria Fanizza
16:14 26 Apr 22
Awesome! I called Jon at Detail Sector and he was able to take me right away when I told him I had a few surfaces scratches on my car I wanted to buff out before trading in the vehicle. I was so grateful! He did a great job and was very personable! I highly recommend!
Jonathan ClairJonathan Clair
18:19 28 Oct 21
Great ceramic coating job on my Audi SUV. 2 months later it looks like it was just done.
Michelle AllenMichelle Allen
15:53 04 Sep 21
After the storm on Wednesday I woke up to find that my vehicle was flooded. I frantically went to Google and was very fortunate to find this company. I called and spoke with John who told me I could bring my car in right away. He assured me he would be able to help me. Well he did, he extracted 4 1/2 gallons of water. I really thought I was going to have to buy another vehicle. The price was also extremely fair. I look forward to trying some of his other services in the future. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Nicholas MuccioNicholas Muccio
14:51 30 Aug 21
John did a phenomenal job on my new truck. He took care of the truck as if it was his own. He is very knowledgeable about the process and products he uses. He was upfront and honest and did an outstanding job overall. He wasn’t pushy like several other detailing companies that try to tack on as much as they can. Overall I highly recommend his services! I will be using him again in the future!
Prithaj JanaPrithaj Jana
07:53 16 Jun 21
Awesome work on interior detailing. I would definitely recommend you to try it.
Zach ReganZach Regan
15:15 26 May 21
Jon does a great job. Got a paint correction and ceramic coating done on my new car and detailing done on a couple of others. Cars came out great. Would definitely recommend Detail Sector.
Dino NuzziDino Nuzzi
19:07 12 May 21
The owner John is very knowledgeable and took very good care of my vehicle being so meticulous of every little detail when it came to Ceramic coating my Subaru STI with a 2 year coating and then detailing. The car came out looking so shiny and reflective compared to the dealers detailing your vehicles where they leave swirl marks in the paint and wax in crevices of the frame of the vehicle. I will definitely be bringing my business back and telling many of people to come to this place for a perfect looking car .
Justin AdamsJustin Adams
14:33 24 Apr 21
Jon at Detail Sector performed a 2-stage paint correction and coating on my E92 M3, and the result was excellent! He was helpful in explaining his methods, the available options, and took the necessary time to achieve the outcome he was looking for. Definitely recommend!
Ralph GutierrezRalph Gutierrez
01:56 17 Jan 21
Had a great experience with Detail Sector. I have a 2020 Camaro who needed a yearly ceramic coating maintenance wash and application. Jon the owner was great. He was very informative and took his time in answering my questions and explaining the process. It was pretty cool that Jon allowed me to sit in on the process as he worked his magic. His detail shop is well kept and was impressed by his work. The vehicles previously ceramic coat looks amazing with the maintenance care and will definitely be doing it again next year. It was also appreciated that Jon mentioned that he had SB3 products available that I can use for at home care.

Detail Sector is proud to provide high quality detailing services, ceramic coatings, and scheduled maintenance programs to ensure your car always looks it's best. We will detail your vehicle, ceramic coat it for the best protection, and provide a full maintenance schedule to wash, deep clean, and decontaminate your car when necessary. Let the experts handle everything.

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