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Permanent Damage Is Guaranteed To Happen

We live in an unpredictable world, full of elements ready to damage your vehicle’s surfaces. Bird poo etching, tree sap stains, water spots, and oxidation, are all bound to happen at some point. This contamination leads to serious damage to your paint, and most times causes stains that cannot be polished out completely. Our ceramic coatings are designed to be a sacrificial layer, which is more resistant than your vehicle’s paint, and formulated to prevent these damages from happening.

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Our Ceramic Coatings Will Prevent Unnecessary Damages And Expenses

Did you know it costs more money to properly repaint a vehicle, than it does to change the engine? The factory paint is the highest quality paint job your vehicle will ever receive. It’s also the most expensive component of your vehicle. Avoid these huge expenses and protect your valuable paint with a ceramic coating.

  • Protect from etchings & stains
  • Easily remove contamination
  • Enhance the gloss and shine
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Protect Every Surface

We Can Ceramic Coat Any Surface On Your Vehicle




Plastic Trim



Convertible Tops



The Process

What’s Included In Our Coating Services

Our coating services include an exterior detail, light interior cleaning, 1 step polish, and application of coating to the paint. Our 5 year coating service includes wheel faces and glass. You can choose to have a deeper interior detail, or include extra surfaces of your vehicle ceramic coated by getting a custom quote. The standard 2 and 5 year coating takes an entire day, and you can pick your vehicle up the following morning. Extra services may increase the time needed.

Exterior Decontamination

Cleaning and removing contamination from all exterior surfaces.

Paint Polishing

Removal of light swirls, enhancing gloss and shine. Heavy scratches or swirls is an additional charge.

Light Interior Cleaning

Vacuum carpet & upholstery. Windows & center console cleaned. Deeper cleaning is an additional charge.

Ceramic Coating

Paint coating applied. Wheel faces and glass included with 5 year package. Other surfaces are an additional charge.

Customize Your Service

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Contact us and leave a message about what you desire for your coating service. Remember, we can coat any surface of your vehicle. The more description you can leave about your particular vehicle and situation, the easier it will be for us to determine an estimate. The best way to get an exact quote, is to schedule a meeting at our shop and bring the car to us so we can take a look in person.


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