Wash, Clay, & Wax


Removes bugs.


Paint feels smooth & clean.


Patented UV protection wax applied.


Most popular service.

Detailing Steps

Step 1

The wheels and tires are cleaned, and then the vehicle is rinsed and hand washed to clean off any dirt or debris wahrheit oder pflicht kostenlos downloaden.

Step 2

After a standard hand wash, a clay bar is used on all painted and glass surfaces to remove contamination words gratis herunterladen. This is done until we can no longer hear or feel contamination on the surface.

Step 3

After the entire vehicle has been treated with a clay bar, we apply a UV protecting wax to protect all surfaces from oxidation and premature fading. 

Step 4

Finally we add tire shine, dry the door jambs, and air dry the body lines to remove extra water whatsapp herunterladen für mac oder windows pc.

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646 Middle Country Road, Ste 9, Saint James, NY 11780

(631) 428-2119


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