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Some common questions our clients ask. If you don’t see the answer to your question feel free to contact us.

Do I have to schedule ahead of time?

Yes, all of our details are scheduled by appointment only. We try to keep open slots available in a timely matter but please call as soon as you know you would like to schedule. We can fit appointments over two weeks out if needed.

What ceramic coating do you use?

We use SB3 Ceramic coatings for our ceramic installations. They come with a third party warranty and are reported to your CarFax report.

Do you offer custom packages?

No. Other than adding on trim restoration, water spot removal, or a different type of sealant, we do not offer custom packages. The only way we are able to deliver such a great value is by having consistent services with the same quality each and every time.

How are you different from a car wash?

Automatic car washes scratch and dull paint over time. The scratches are light at first, but accumulate over the course of months to seriously haze the finish. Most hand washes advertise swirl free washing, but don’t change out microfibers and wash media often enough to properly care for each vehicle without damaging. Here at Detail Sector, each car gets fresh microfibers and fresh wash solution.

Are you just skipping steps to get the job done faster?

No. New technology has allowed us to perform services faster while getting even better results than previously available. We are able to do multiple steps at the same time, and set up our shop in such a way where we take less steps and save time during the detail.

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Get a quality detail each and every time. If you know what exterior service you want, there is no need to call. You can use our online scheduling by clicking “Get Appointment” below. If you want an interior estimate before scheduling, call ahead to come in for an inspection.

Our exterior pricing is based on vehicle size. If you own a coupe or small sedan, expect to pay on the lower side of the price range. If you own a SUV or truck, your detail will be on the higher end of the listed price range. Interior’s are by estimate only.

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