There are a couple of differences to keep in mind between water and solvent based dressings. These go for all types of dressings. Trim, tires, interior, ect. I’ll try to outline the key attributes of each type of dressing so you know which to use in what situation.


Solvent based dressings have longer durability. When water based dressings get wet, they will tend to wash off of whatever they are dressing. The solvent based dressings will block dirt and water better, making them last longer. 


Water based tire dressings usually cost less overall. You can dilute a water based dressing with water to spread out it’s use even further. If you want to go with the least expensive option, a water based dressing will be your choice. 


Both water and solvent based dressings can be used on the exterior of your vehicle. Like we said before though, solvent based dressings are more durable so you may want to choose a solvent based dressing for the exterior. just something to keep in mind.


You want to use a water based dressing for your interior. Solvent based dressings are normally greasier and are not suitable to be used on the dashboard or other items you may be touching. It can cause you to loose grip on the steering wheel or attract extra dust on the interior panels.  

Engine Bay

Water based dressings are engine bay safe. Solvent based dressings are not recommended for the engine bay. Solvent based dressings are slightly flammable and will stain paint if you get it on any painted areas in the engine bay. This si why you should stay safe and use a water based dressing under the hood. 


Solvent based dressings are designed to have an extremely high gloss. Water based dressings are normally more matte or satin. So if your goal is to shine like there’s no tomorrow, a solvent based dressing is your go-to. 

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