We often say that the majority of scratches and swirl marks in your paint are caused by improper washing and drying music kids. This is absolutely true. It’s not hard to wash a car without scratching, it’s just the information out there for common car care isn’t up to spec Download netflix for pc. Most people grab a sponge (might as well be sand paper) and a single bucket filled with maybe 2 gallons of water and go to town. This will cause nothing but damage r-link toolbox. In this article we will be discussing the grit guard, what it does and how it helps prevent scratches. 

The Design

The grit guard has fins which help stop the water from swirling around in the bucket how much can beed from netflix. The idea is if the water is more stationary, the dirt in the bucket will settle at the bottom and be trapped by the grit guard. The open design allows for dirt to easily fall to the bottom but the fins stop the dirt from traveling directly upward into the rest of your water. 

The grit guard also blocks your wash mitt from falling all the way down to the bottom of the bucket xubuntu. If all of the dirt settles at the bottom and your wash mitt sinks to the bottom, you’re just dipping your wash mitt back into dirt before you wash. That is going to bring the dirt from your buckets to your car and cause micro scratching. The swirl marks you see in direct sunlight are caused by thousands of micro scratches all over your paint. 

One In Every Bucket

Having a grit guard in 1 bucket isn’t enough. If you haven’t caught up on The 2 Bucket Wash Method yet, you should be using 2 wash buckets. The first for rinsing your wash mitt out and the other filled with soapy water to wash your car. This avoids contaminating your wash bucket with dirty water. 

Drop a grit guard in both buckets. Even in your wheel cleaning bucket. The safer you are when it comes to touching your cars paint the less scratches you will have. 

Just Look At The Dirt

These photos below were taking after doing a regular maintenance wash. All of this dirt was able to be kept at the bottom of the wash bucket and kept off of our customers paint. Grab yourself a grit guard today. 

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