Why Your Investment Needs Gtechniq Protection


Your Paint


Your paint job is worth roughly $4,000 or more of the sticker price of your car. If your car is worth over $50,000 it only gets more expensive and that’s a big chunk of change to loose. Aged paint jobs bring down the resale value of a car as well arduino fehler beim herunterladen von http. Not to mention peeling clear coat isn’t appealing on a luxury car. 
Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings can protect every surface from your paint, glass, wheels, expensive leather, plastics, wood trim, chrome, vinyl, ect for years (2-5).

How does paint go bad?


Contamination from the environment chromeen msi. Everything from bird droppings to water marks, brake dust and sunlight UV rays age and wear down your cars appearance and paint.

How do bird droppings ruin paint?


Your car’s paint expands and contracts in the changing temperatures throughout the day webuntis for free.  When a bird dropping lands on your car, it changes the temperature of the paint in that spot compared to the rest of the clean paint. When the paint expands and contracts differently, you get an etch mark from the acidic bird poo. Depending on how severe this is and how long it was not taken care of, it could be a permanent stain forever. 
Gtechniq’s coatings prevent this by having a PH resistance on the scale between 2-13 herunterladen. Meaning the acidic bird poo won’t damage your cars finish and will act as a sacrificial layer to all contamination.

How do water spots ruin paint (and glass)?


Water has a thing called TDS (total dissolved solids). Basically a rating of how many minerals are in the water bubble breaker download kostenlos chip. Water with a high TDS have a higher concentration of minerals. These are things like sprinklers, hose water, tap water, ect. Rain water and filtered water have a low TDS.
If water with a high mineral count is left to dry on your car, the water evaporates leaving behind the minerals. Those minerals are highly acidic and etch onto (and sometimes into) the paint or glass from the sunlight and are troublesome to get off. If left untreated, some paint will need to be sanded away to remove the spots completely. Polishing will only drive them deeper and make them reappear later.
Gtechniq’s coatings prevent water etching with that same PH scale protection. The acid in the minerals can’t penetrate the coating and the minerals are easily removed.

How does the sun ruin paint?


The sun constantly abuses our cars with harmful UV rays. Our cars paint has a certain amount of UV prohibitors built in, but they have a half life of 5 years. Meaning in just 5 years, half of those UV prohibitors are gone. Without constantly waxing or selaling your paintwork you are exposing your cars paint to wear away even faster.

Gtechniq blocks the suns UV rays so when we coat your cars paint (or any surface) with a guarentee of protection, your cars clear coat is safe and still original without needing to be consistently polished to look good. It stops dashboards from cracking under intense sunlight as well as leather blue dye jean transfer onto seats and color aging.

So what exactly is gtechniq made of?


SiO2, or silicon dioxide. Also called quartz glass, ceramic, or a glass coating. It’s a liquid glass which is applied by hand and cures on the paintwork. This is unlike any wax or sealant. 
Gtechniq’s paint coatings can last up to 5 years and other coatings such as windshields and wheels 2 years or more. This makes it easy since all you need to do to maintain your vehicle is basic washes and a clay decontamination every 6 months or so. No more waxing.
Since the coating lasts so long, we polish the paint to achieve the highest level of scratch free perfection possible. Thwn we lock in that shine for the lifetime of the coating.
Once the coating is on, we would have to polish the coating off to remove any imperfections in the paint. So it’s important to always make sure you find a reputable detailer to do the work and wants to make you satisfied.

Detail Sector is a Ceramic Coating Installer on Long Island. Call (631) 428-2119 to schedule a free vehicle inspection today.


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