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About Detail Sector

Detail Sector was created to provide Long Island with the best value detailing has to offer. Flooded with run of the mill car washes, Long Island lacks value based detailing shops which offer a quality service without all the expensive bells and whistles a luxury service often demands. Here at Detail Sector we believe the best value comes from an efficient service. We focus on using new innovative products and techniques which make detailing faster while providing superior results. The outcome is more “bang for your buck”. If you’re looking for a quality detail, Detail Sector is the best value in detailing.

Our Services


Swirl Free Wash & Wax - $49/$75 45 min-1 hr

Avoid scratches from automatic car washes. Hand washed & dried. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.


Wash, Clay & Wax - $99/$125 1-1.5 Hr

Remove contamination & reveal a smooth surface. Hand wash, clay, & wax. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.


Decontamination & Clay - $125/$175 1.5-2 hr

Chemically strip brake dust & fallout from surfaces. Hand wash, clay, iron remover, & sealant. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Water Spot Remover +$50


1 Step Polish - $199/$249 2-3 hr

Enhance gloss & clarity. Hand wash, clay, & sealant. Paint & glass polished. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Trim Restoration +$125


2 Step Polish - $399/$449 3.5-4.5 hr

Remove moderate to deep scratches from automatic car washes. Hand wash, clay, & sealant. Paint & glass compounded & polished. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Trim Restoration +$125


Ceramic Coating

The ultimate protection. Replace the need to wax or seal your vehicle.
1 Year +$250
2 Year +$450
5 Year +650
Glass or Wheels +$100


Interior Detailing - By Estimate Only

Restore your interior to brand new. Full interior detailing by estimate only after visual inspection. Call to ask about coming into the shop for an estimate.
(631) 428-2119

  • Decontamination
  • 1 Step Polish
  • 2 Step Polish
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Interior Detailing

“This is by far the best detail service that I have ever used. Jon is amazing. He leaves no stone unturned and works meticulously to get it right.”

“Excellent service! Did my and my parents’ cars. Very thorough but most importantly great customer service.”

“I gave my 12 year old car to my son. I drive a lot so it wasn’t exactly clean. I brought it here to clean it up for him. Jon did an AMAZING job. The carpet and upholstery I thought were beyond help and they look fabulous! I was going to get seat covers but Jon cleaned them so well I didn’t need to.”

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