Say good-bye to the dust, dirt, stains, coffee, and sticky steering wheel.

Full Interior Detail
$150 Starting

You’re picking up your car from the detail. You open the drivers door and the door jambs are all clean. The door panels don’t have dirty marks from pushing the door open with your foot. The steering wheel feels smooth and clean. The dashboard isn’t covered in a thin layer of dust, and the windows don’t have a smudge on them. The vents have all been cleaned out, so when you turn your A/C on you don’t smell anything funky or blow dust into the cabin. The stains are all removed, and the cup holders are completely cleaned out. Even the spare tire area has been vacuumed and cleaned.

This is the type of result you should expect at Detail Sector. We only provide full interior details and address whatever the interior needs.

-By Estimate Only
-Entire Interior Detailed
-Must Come In For An Inspection For A Quote

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