Full attention to all surfaces.


Cleans stains, spills, dust, dirt.


Feels like a new vehicle.


No rush service.

Detailing Steps

Step 1

We start the interior by vacuuming the majority of dirt and dust from all surfaces wo kann ich warzone herunterladen. Brushes are used where needed to loosen dirt and debris from fabric or crevices.

Step 2

After vacuuming we start cleaning the seats and carpet with a specialized cleaner herunterladen schreibweise. This removes stains and cleans the seats from daily use.

Step 3

All hard surfaces are wiped down and cleaned gif bilder herunterladen. This includes windows, door jambs, vents, pedals, seal belt clips, and more.

Step 4

The interior receives a final vacuum, and the technician goes through a checklist to ensure all areas have been attended to emojis herunterladen.

Contact Us

646 Middle Country Road, Ste 9, Saint James, NY 11780

(631) 428-2119

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