Omega Ceramic Coating


Easy cleaning.


Chemical protection.


Warranty & CarFax verification.


2 years guaranteed.

Detailing Steps

Step 1

The vehicle undergoes a multi-stage decontamination wash, which includes a clay bar, an iron remover, and a mineral deposit remover herunterladen. This cleans the exterior surfaces from bugs, tar, road grime, tree sap, fallout, brake dust, and more. This step is critical in any coating application to allow a proper bond office 2016 herunterladen key vorhanden.

Step 2

After the vehicle is completely decontaminated, it’s moved out of the wash bay and into the polishing area youtube video firefox. Here we will perform a polishing step to remove light swirls and clean the top layer of paint to expose a fresh surface for the coating. This removes any oxidation or contamination which would deteriorate the performance of the coating powerpoint 2010 for free. Compounding to remove deeper scratches from automatic car washes is optional and should be discussed or reviewed by a technician prior to scheduling.

Step 3

After polishing is completed, the vehicle is wiped down with a preparation product to clean off polishing oils and any remaining waxes mahjong classic herunterladen. This leaves the surfaces bare and ready for application of the coating.

Step 4

The vehicle is coated by hand, similar to how a wax is applied download tvthek video. After careful timing based on temperature and humidity, the leftover coating residue is removed with multiple microfibers which are discarded after use app um instagram videos herunterladen. The coating takes 4 hours to cure before it can be exposed to water. At this point the warranty information is filed and the job is reported to CarFax singstar kostenlos downloaden. The vehicle is typically picked up the following day to allow curing overnight.

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