Our Services

Packaged for maximum value, our services deliver the most “bang for the buck” amongst any professional Long Island detailing shop.


Exterior Detailing

Clean, shine, & protect your vehicle from the elements.

Interior Detailing

We can bring your interior back to like-new condition again.

Ceramic Coating

Protect all of your vehicles surfaces with a semi-permanent protection.

Our Services


Swirl Free Wash & Wax - $49/$75 45 min-1 hr

Avoid scratches from automatic car washes. Hand washed & dried. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Sealant +$15


Wash, Clay & Wax - $99/$125 1-1.5 Hr

Remove contamination & reveal a smooth surface. Hand wash, clay, & wax. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.


Decontamination & Clay - $125/$149 1.5-2 hr

Chemically strip brake dust & fallout from surfaces. Hand wash, clay, iron remover, & sealant. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Water Spot Remover +$50


1 Step Polish - $199/$249 2-3 hr

Enhance gloss & clarity. Hand wash, clay, & sealant. Paint & glass polished. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Trim Restoration +$125


2 Step Polish - $399/$449 3.5-4.5 hr

Remove moderate to deep scratches from automatic car washes. Hand wash, clay, & sealant. Paint & glass compounded & polished. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed.
Add Trim Restoration +$125


Ceramic Coating

The ultimate protection. Replace the need to wax or seal your vehicle.
1 Year +$250
2 Year +$450
5 Year +650
Glass or Wheels +$100


Interior Detailing - By Estimate Only

Restore your interior to brand new. Full interior detailing by estimate only after visual inspection. Call to ask about coming into the shop for an estimate.
(631) 428-2119

What To Expect

When you visit Detail Sector you should expect a quality service at a great price. If you want a detailing service done the right way without all the extras you’re at the right place. Our customers value consistency and predictability.

Quality Control

We only offer select detailing packages to deliver the best possible quality each and every time. Rest assured you are getting the best value money can buy.

Maintenance Help

Want to wash your vehicle at home but get it detailed by Detail Sector? We provide all necessary information for you to maintain your detail at home.

No Sales Pitches

We only recommend what we feel the vehicle needs. The final decision is always yours. Our job is to let you know what your options are.

Smooth, Glossy Paint

All of our details will give you results to brag about. Our products are top tier.

Protection To Last

Our wax will last months and offers patented UV protection, while our ceramic coatings will last years and give you an extremely slick surface.

Immaculate Interiors

We only offer full interior details. If you want your interior looking brand new with every stain being treated, this is the service for you.

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