Optimum Car Wax


  • One of the best spray on waxes that is super easy to apply and remove
  • Provides that WOW factor with strong protection!
  • Perfect for maintaining your vehicles gloss and protection after a wash
  • High quality professional detailers love it!
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The Optimum Car Wax is sprayed on your paint to quickly add a deep gloss to the surface and valuable protection. Spray it directly on your paint or on an applicator pad and wipe it on the desired areas, then buff off the excess residue. You’ll quickly be impressed with depth and gloss of this wax that applies and removes with ease. In about 15 minutes you can make your entire car look like you just spent all day detailing it. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that has no VOC’s or harsh chemicals. Using a combination of carnauba wax, polymers and other key ingredients you’ll get one of the most well rounded waxes you have ever used. The Optimum Car Wax provides outstanding protection against UV rays, industrial fallout, road grime, moisture, etc. Expect 1 – 2 months of added protection under normal conditions for a daily driver. You can use the Optimum Car Wax just after washing for a quick touch up or after completing a full detail as that perfect last step.

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