Optimum FerreX Iron Remover


  • Mist FerreX on the exterior and watch it safely dissolve embedded iron deposits
  • Remarkably quick and effective cleaner for the exterior paint and wheels
  • dissolves and removes other surface contamination as well!
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The Optimum FerreX Iron Remover will allow you to quickly and easily remove iron deposits from the surface! From your wheels, to painted surfaces, FerreX will bond to and dissolve iron metal and iron oxides from these surfaces. Simply spray on these surface and watch the iron contaminants wash away. Mist it on the paint, wait 5 minutes and wipe it with a damp sponge or skip the sponge and move on to a thorough rinsing. Upon completion you will be stunned at how much has been removed with so little effort. FerreX also dissolves and removes other surface contaminants such as tar and wax with minimal effort. Remove iron deposits and other contamination quickly and easily with the Optimum FerreX Iron Remover today!

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