Optimum Opti Clean


  • True waterless wash product that can be used to clean nearly every surface your car has in one simple step
  • The 32 oz and 128 oz versions are concentrated, so dilute 3:1 (water:cleaner) for the best value and results
  • A versatile cleaner that makes cleaning quick and easy
  • New version has increased level of shine while providing a greater amount of protection
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Optimum Opti Clean is an innovative product that will help you clean and protect literally every surface your vehicle has. It’s a special kind of quick detailer and waterless wash formula that can also protect any surface you use it on. This product has gotten even better, with stronger protection left behind and an improved uniform appearance with an eye catching shine! Use it on your paint, clear coat, wheels, tires, dashboard, console, doors, trim, windows, and more. Simply mist Opti Clean on the desired surface or a plush microfiber towel and then wipe and you are all done. Fold your microfiber towel in fourths and rotate the cloth to expose a fresh surface for best results. It dries instantly and doesn’t leave behind a greasy film like some other options. Utilizing special cleaning agents you can gently clean your entire car. It quickly lifts and separates oils, dust, dirt and other contaminants. The substantive polymers help suspend contaminants so they can be removed safely and you minimize the risk of grinding them into sensitive surfaces. It provides meaningful protection to every surface you apply it to. In addition it will help repel other build ups and it makes future cleanings much easier. Use it on vinyl, plastic, paint, metal, rubber and so much more. The finish will look rich and new with minimal effort. This truly one of a kind product can replace so many other products and take your detailing to the next level. So clean literally your whole vehicle with one product, Optimum Opti Clean.

Note: 32 oz and 128 oz size is concentrated and can be diluted 3:1 (water:cleaner)

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18 oz $9.99, 32 oz $16.99, 128 oz $39.99

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