Optimum Opti-Seal


  • The ultimate in ease of use when it comes to protecting your vehicle with a sealant
  • Simply mist Opti-Seal onto your paint and walk away, no wiping is necessary when applied properly
  • Perfect for professional detailers or enthusiasts who are looking for maximum results in less time
  • Includes a free Optimum yellow foam applicator
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This is an absolutely amazing and revolutionary product that makes protecting and shining your paint unbelievably easy. Opti-Seal is an ultra concentrated spray on sealant that dries clear and requires no removal of excess product. Yes you read that correct NO removal is needed at all. Simply spray on a very fine mist, spread it nice and thin with the free foam applicator supplied to you with very light pressure. The polymers will instantly start to cross link and form an extremely tight bond with your clear coat. After that you just have to walk away because you are all done, no additional buffing or removal is necessary. The Opti-Seal will dry clear and leave a brilliant shine on any color paint. This state of the art sealant provides long term protection, so don’t mistake it for a product that just provides a quick shine. It can protect the paint for months with no additional protection needed. If desired you can layer a wax over it but it’s not necessary. Whether you use it alone or with your favorite wax the Opti-Seal will protect against UV rays, road grime, dirt, brake dust, industrial fall out and more. Best of all is this product provides tremendous value as you many only need about .25 ounces per coat! We also highly recommend it on the glass, wheels, headlights, etc. Try the Opti-Seal today and get one of the most effective and easiest to use detailing products ever created.

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