Optimum Protectant Plus (Leather Protectant)


  • A versatile product that cleans and UV protects vinyl, rubber, leather, and plastic
  • A perfect one step product to clean and protect your seats, dashboard, console, doors, arm rests, trim, etc.
  • Mist the Protectant Plus on a microfiber towel and wipe the desired areas
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This do it all cleaner and protectant will help you maintain your leather, vinyl, rubber and vinyl surfaces. It starts off with light cleaning agents to safely remove dust, dirt, human oils and more. It then leaves a coating of penetrating oils and UV inhibitors. The oils help safely condition the surface to prevent cracking and premature fading. The UV inhibitors block out harmful UV rays so your seats, dashboard, doors, moldings, trim, etc. look like new again. The Protectant Plus leaves a satin like finish that is not glossy or oily at all! Instead this formula has been specifically designed to be absorbed into the surface which helps fill in small surface imperfections while leaving a silky smooth finish. It will also help repel dust with it’s anti-static properties, so any surface you spray it on will look great for longer. Simply spray it on the desired surface or on a microfiber towel, wipe the desired areas and you are all done. Like most Optimum products this product uses no VOC’s or solvents and is environmentally responsible. It’s great on virtually all seats because of the strong protection and matte finish. It’s so good on leatherette and leather surfaces it’s also known as the Optimum Leather Protectant. The Optimum Protectant Plus is the ultimate interior product that has everything you want!

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