Audi SUV Interior Detail

Removing beach sand and cleaning all interior surfaces of this Audi SUV.

About this Detail

Sand slowly wears away the surfaces over time, so it’s best to remove it frequently. This vehicle received the following services:

  • Interior Vacuum
  • Wipe down & cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Seats cleaned, carpet lightly shampooed
  • Door jambs detailed
  • Wash & wax
This vehicle was used to bring the kids to the beach for swimming practice. Since the indoor pools were closed for COVID, the beach was the next best option. Unfortunately sand gets everywhere and needs a deep vacuum and cleaning of all crevices and gaskets near the carpet. Sand in your vehicle acts like sandpaper, adding friction and wearing away your interior surfaces faster. Getting sand between the cracks of leather seats can quickly wear away the stitching. It’s best to frequently remove any sand or debris in your interior to prevent buildup and potential wear over time.

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