McLaren 720s Post Track Detail

Cleaning tar, brake dust, and road debris from a weekend of racing on the track at New Jersey Motorsport Park.

About this Detail

The race track is covered with small pieces of tar which accumulate on the track and end up on the vehicle’s. The focus was on removing all of the tar and debris from racing. This service included:

  • Exterior decontamination
  • Tar removal
  • Brake dust removal
  • 6 Month ceramic sealant applied
Some car owners would have a small heart attack if their vehicle ended up in this condition. Thankfully the surfaces are covered in PPF (paint protection film) to protect against rock chips and damage. Removing the contamination included a foam bath with a degreaser, hand wash, tar removal, and brake dust removal. The tar even ends up inside of the wheel barrels. After the entire detail is complete, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it went racing.

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