McLaren MP4-12C Ceramic Coating

The paint, wheels, and glass of this McLaren were all ceramic coated with SB3 Coatings.

About this Detail

This McLaren is fully wrapped in PPF (paint protection film) and required a premium ceramic coating to protect the film. We completed a decontamination and light polish to remove water marks from the film and then applied the following coatings:

  • SB3 Alpha 5 year paint coating
  • SB3 Vortex 2 year wheel coating
  • SB3 Omega 1 year glass coating
This extraordinary vehicle came to us wrapped in paint protection, but the film was water spotted and needed attention. We were able to remove the minerals with SB3 Destroy and polish out the remaining defects in the film before applying SB3 Alpha 5 year ceramic coating. Paint protection film should be protected and treated just like paint to maintain the best look and longevity.

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