Porsche 911 Turbo Post Track Day Detail

Removing tar, brake dust, and debris from two days worth of racing at New Jersey Motorsport Park.

About this Detail

This Porsche is strictly a weekend and track day vehicle. It often see’s the track and needs the following services after having fun:

  • Bugs, tar, & debris removed.
  • Marks from debris polished out.
  • Water spotting removed.
  • Protection applied.
As you can see from the before photos, there is a tremendous amount of contamination built up over the entire vehicle. There’s bugs on the front, dirt on the paint, and small “marbles” of tar in the wheel barrels. The vehicle receives a foam bath of degreaser, hand wash, iron remover, tar remover, water spot remover, and finally polished where needed. A sealant is then applied to protect the vehicle. The entire process takes a few hours start to finish. The result is a clean and shiny Porsche 911 Turbo ready to attack the track again.

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