We recently just got a decent amount of snow here on Long Island kostenlos lieder von spotify herunterladen. This obviously led to a lot of cars with snow piled on top of them. There’s just a couple of things to keep in mind when it’s time to take the snow off your car’s paintwork football manager 2020 pc free download full version. The majority of these rules apply for paint care in general. 

The Don’ts

Don’t use an ice scraper or a brush on your car to get the snow off filius downloaden free. I think the ice scraper is probably obvious, at least I hope. The brushes are extremely damaging to your cars paintwork. A squeegee is also on the do not use list eos pabst download for free. They don’t trap dirt and will just rub and grind the snow into your paint.  I also wouldn’t use your gloves because they will scratch as well download rtl free games. Basically anything you wouldn’t touch paint with normally, you shouldn’t do it with snow either. 

The Microfiber & Brush Technique

Don’t use the brush you use on the glass to get the snow off your paintwork. The brush will cause hundreds of micro scratches on your paint the very first time you use it. It’s a great tool to get the snow off the glass but don’t use it for paint. Instead you can actually wrap a plush microfiber around the brushes and you’ll have a safe snow cleaning tool to use. Now you can use the microfiber to push the snow off your car without scratching. This is gentle on the paint and won’t cause any harm. 

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