If you’ve ever driven right after applying tire dressing you’ll usually get some dressing sling on the side of your car bagger game for free. Normally you want to wait at least an hour after dressing the tires to allow them to dry. If you’re putting tire dressing on right before you have to drive here’s 3 tricks to make sure that you don’t get that sling on the side of your car Download backup iphone.

1. Liquid Not Gel

Liquid Tire dressing stick onto the tire better than gel based tire dressings download patient's order free of charge. The gel type tire dressings tend to want to sling as you’re driving compared to the liquid ones. If you’re using a gel based tire shine make sure to spread it very thinly to avoid excess product leftover on the tire denkspiele kostenlos herunterladen.

2. Wipe Away Excess Product

Once you apply your tire dressing wait about a half hour if you have the time maxdome filme downloaden. You can go back to the tire with a throwaway microfiber and gently wipe any excess product or dressing from your tire. This will give enough time for the product to dry on the rubber and leave a great finish behind.

3. Opt For Protection

There are a few products on the market which aim to protect the rubber. My personal favorite is 303 Aerospace Protectent. This will give a satin look to the tire and protect it from UV, dirt and road grime. I apply it every 2 weeks or so and it keeps the tire looking natural and clean.

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