Water Spot Removal

If your vehicle has water spots, it’s best to get them removed as soon as possible herunterladen. If they are left to sit, it can cause damage which needs to be polished. If the technician spots etching damage which needs to be polished, an approval for the extra polishing work will be sent to the client before more work is done download free download manager videos. It’s difficult to spot etching damage underneath the spots until we attempt to remove the minerals chemically first.


Removes water spots.


An acid strips away the minerals.


Remove spots from glass, paint, trim, wheels.


Polishing may be required.

Detailing Steps

Step 1

A standard hand wash is done to clean the surface of dirt and debris minecraft 1.8.

Step 2

After washing the car, a mineral deposit remover is used on all surfaces to strip the vehicle of water based contamination amazon filme herunterladen. This removes the minerals from the surface.

Step 3

After the minerals are removed, the surface is inspected for paint damage de storm filmen gratis. If we find damage, an approval to fix the damage is sent with inspection photos. This is optional.

Step 4

After all mineral deposits or paint defects are removed, a new layer of UV protecting wax is applied to protect the surface netflix titels downloaden op laptop.

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