Attention: Due to COVID-19 we are not offering services and will be CLOSED until further notice. There is no safe way to bring a vehicle into our shop without being part of the problem at this moment. Being a non-essential business, we are doing our part and closing our doors for services. Thank you for understanding.

Premium Detailing Services

Detail Sector offers premium results unmatched by local car washes or mobile detailing services. We are your trusted source for all things detailing.

We make your vehicle look and feel brand new

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our services begin with informative questions and a detailed inspection to ensure we know the reason you’re here. From there we can provide the service you need. This prevents unhappy customers and inadequate results.


Drive Like It's Brand New

All of our details are focused on returning and maintaining the vehicle to brand new condition.


Trained & Certified

We have completed quality training & have been certified to install professional protection products. 



All of our premium services are tracked and recorded to CarFax.

Interior Detailing

Meticulous interior service meant to remove all traces of dirt and stains from the vehicle to factory new condition.

Exterior Detailing

Premium exterior services meant to remove contamination & restore your car to a glossy new shine.

Protection Coatings

First-class semi-permanent protection for your vehicles exterior & interior surfaces.


Contact Us

646 Middle Country Road, Ste 9, Saint James, NY 11780

Detail Sector

646 Middle Country Road, Ste 9, Saint James, NY 11780

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