Turn your dirty, grimy car into a fresh, shiny, clean car.

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Welcome To Detail Sector

You want to take a deep breath inside your car and smell nothing but fresh air. When you grab the steering wheel, you don’t want it to feel sticky… like a hot summer day. It should feel smooth, and sanitary.

Those cheerios in the back seat don’t belong there, and the bugs on your front bumper are from last years road trip.

Drop your car off at Detail Sector and we’ll fix it for you.

Our Services Are Divided Into Exterior Or Interior Packages



“This is by far the best detail service that I have ever used. Jon is amazing. He leaves no stone unturned and works meticulously to get it right.”

“Excellent service! Did my and my parents’ cars. Very thorough but most importantly great customer service.”

“I gave my 12 year old car to my son. I drive a lot so it wasn’t exactly clean. I brought it here to clean it up for him. Jon did an AMAZING job. The carpet and upholstery I thought were beyond help and they look fabulous! I was going to get seat covers but Jon cleaned them so well I didn’t need to.”

Do You Hate Cleaning Your Car?

Don’t you wish you could just give the car a wash every 2 weeks and it would look like new again? Wouldn’t it be great if the bugs, bird poop, tree sap, tar, and road film just washed right off? No more scrapping bugs off with your fingernail, or scrubbing the front bumper with your wash mitt. What if your paint was slick, smooth, and repelled dirt without tons of hard work? How cool would it be to have your neighbor give you compliments about how clean your car always is, but you barely touch it?

Introducing Ceramic Coatings. A hard layer of semi-permanent protection to make your car slick and easy to clean.

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