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Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating – Long Island, St. James, NY

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Auto Detailing Services

Exterior Decontamination

  • Hand wash & dry
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Bugs & tar removed
  • Iron remover
  • UV blocking car wax
  • Tire shine
  • Door jambs
car polish long island

Exterior Machine Polish

  • Hand wash & dry
  • Wheel cleaning
  • Bugs & tar removed
  • Clay bar
  • Iron remover
  • 1 Step machine polish
  • UV blocking car wax
  • Tire shine
  • Door jambs

Interior Full Detail

  • Vacuum
  • Center console
  • Dashboard 
  • Door panels
  • Plastic surfaces
  • Seats shampoo
  • Carpets steamed
  • Windows


What Makes Us Unique


CarFax Service History

Every service completed at Detail Sector shows on your CarFax Service History Report, showing care for the vehicle.


Quality Control

All of our details are completed with detailed check lists, pre-delivery inspections, and always performed to the same standard.


Efficient Coating Turnaround Time

Don’t be left for days without a vehicle on Long Island. Our ceramic coating services are returned to you next-day.

Save Time And Money With A Ceramic Coating

Spend less time cleaning and caring for your vehicle on the weekends and prevent damage before it occurs with a ceramic coating.

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1970 Chevelle Classic Fully Restored

1970 Chevelle Paint Correction & Coating

After continuously hand waxing the vehicle for many years, this Chevelle was in need of a full paint correction. We then applied a ceramic coating to avoid needing to apply any more waxes or sealants and reduce future scratching.

2020 BMW M550i

2020 BMW M550i Ceramic Coating

This BMW was fully decontaminated, polished, and ceramic coated with our 2 year ceramic coating. The vehicle lives outdoors and needed a better barrier of protection against the elements than standard wax. Our 2 year coating will exceed anyone’s expectations .

2020 BMW X5 competition

2020 BMW X5 Competition Ceramic Coating

When you want to protect your lease and make maintenance a breeze, our coating services will protect the vehicle for your entire ownership. You’ll never need to wax the car and it will look amazing even when it’s dirty. It’s a remarkable product.

We’ve Been Detailing Every Day For Over 5 Years

Detailing is a luxury service, so we are thankful to have customers care about what we offer. Your support drives us to make this business better every day.

Client Testimonials

“Jon did an excellent job Ceramic coating my car . Definitely will bring all my cars here from now on. Extremely professional and easy to get ahold of if needed. Wish everything was this easy.”

Google Review

“Jon, the owner, made the process really easy. The SUV I brought him was brand new and now looks significantly better than how the dealer gave it to me. The color looks more vivid and I’m also looking forward to the ease of care going forward.

Google Review

“I’m really happy with the work! I did the annual cleaning that also refreshed my ceramic coat, full interior refresh and a seat treatment to make sunscreen easier to wash off. The car looks absolutely beautiful and worth the cost. I’d highly recommend this place.”

Google Review

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