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All of our detailing services report to your CarFax Service History, increasing resale value.

Ceramic Coatings

The ultimate environmental protection for your vehicle. This coating is guaranteed to last for years. Keep your vehicle cleaner, and make it easy to maintain.

Paint & Body

Ceramic coat your paint, headlights, trim, and plastics to protect them from fading. This coating will prevent bird poo stains, chemical etching, and make cleaning off contamination such as tar and bugs extremely easy.


Your wheels get extremely dirty, and are difficult to clean at home. This ceramic coating will cut down on the amount of brake dust buildup, prevent pitting, and make cleaning your wheels easier.


Our window ceramic coating will make driving in harsh conditions much easier, and cleaning the glass is a breeze. Rain will run right off the window while driving, creating a safer driving expereince.

Leather & Fabric

Your interior can take a lot of abuse. Our interior ceramic coatings will help prevent staining and prolong the appearance of your interior surfaces. We can also coat your fabric convertible tops.

Auto Detailing

Restore your vehicle’s appearance with our meticulous auto detailing services. We guarantee to exceed all of your expectations with quality and professionalism.


Our exterior detailing service will decontaminate your vehicle from bugs, tar, tree sap, brake dust, and water spots.


The quality of our interior details will leave you speachless. Full steam cleaning for seats, carpets, and all surfaces. Everything from the pedals to your trunk compartment will be fully cleaned. Remove smells with our Ozone treatment.

Trim Restoration

Restore the appearance of plastic and rubber surfaces on your vehicle. These trim surfaces will be conditioned and return to like-new appearance.

Engine Bay

Degrease and condition all components of your engine bay. All plastics, hoses, components, and electronics will be protected with a polymer protection resistant to 500°F

Paint Polishing

Remove swirls and scratch marks from your paintwork. Our polishing services will give your vehicle a gloss you’ve probably never seen before.

Paint Enhancement

Paint enhancement is our entry level polishing service, meant to increase the gloss and shine.

Single Step Polishing

Our single step polish will remove light hand washing swirls while leaving a fantastic gloss and shine.

Two Step Polishing

Our two step polishing will use a light compound to remove medium swirls and light scratch marks. We follow up with a polish to enhance the gloss and shine further.

Paint Correction

Remove heavy swirls and deeper car wash scratches from every surface of your vehicle. This is an intense polishing session meant to restore the appearance of the paint, leaving the highest level of gloss and shine.

Recent Testimonials

BMW sedan ceramic coated

“I was so grateful! Jon did a great job and was very personable! I highly recommend!”
Maria Fanizza

“Jon is hands-on and cares about your vehicle, whether you drive a high-end one or a moderate one.”
Edward Peters II

“Great ceramic coating job on my Audi SUV. 2 months later it looks like it was just done.”
Jonathan Clair

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