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Smithtown’s Meticulous Detailing Studio.

646 Middle Country Road, Suite 9, Saint James, NY 11780

Ceramic Coatings

Protect all of your vehicle’s surfaces inside and out from oxidation, fading, staining, and chemical damage for up to 5 years. Services starting as low as $399.

Auto Detailing

Detail your vehicle’s exterior or interior surfaces. Services starting at $150.


Every Service Reported To CarFax

We are the only local detailing facility who’s services show on your CarFax Service History Report, building resale value as you care for your vehicle.


Trained, Certified, & Insured

We have professional certifications of training to deliver the highest quality results possible. Our technicians are SB3 Surface Specialists.


Small Business Passion & Drive

Every customer’s experience greatly matters to us. We strive to give you an amazing detail, and an even better customer service experience.

How Can We Help You?

We are a customer service business first. Clean and shiny cars are just the outcome. How can we help you achieve your goals? Do you want your interior feeling fresh again? Do you want the swirls removed from your paintwork? Maybe a Ceramic coating for your new vehicle?

Give us a call at (631) 428-2119 to discuss your needs and expectations. Sometimes you will need to bring your vehicle by for a visual inspection. You can schedule a 10 minute consultation with the button below where we will look over your vehicle, give suggestions, and come up with a solution.

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We’ve Been Detailing Every Day For Over 5 Years

Detailing is a luxury service, so we are thankful to have customers care about what we offer. Your support drives us to make this business better every day.

Client Testimonials

“Jon did an excellent job Ceramic coating my car . Definitely will bring all my cars here from now on. Extremely professional and easy to get ahold of if needed. Wish everything was this easy.”

Google Review

“Jon, the owner, made the process really easy. The SUV I brought him was brand new and now looks significantly better than how the dealer gave it to me. The color looks more vivid and I’m also looking forward to the ease of care going forward.

Google Review

“I’m really happy with the work! I did the annual cleaning that also refreshed my ceramic coat, full interior refresh and a seat treatment to make sunscreen easier to wash off. The car looks absolutely beautiful and worth the cost. I’d highly recommend this place.”

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