Smithtown's Ceramic Coating & Detailing Studio

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle, protect your investment with a ceramic coating, and maintain it easily.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings act as a sacrificial layer of protection, giving your vehicle extreme gloss and self cleaning properties.

Auto Detailing

Clean & protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior. Trim restoration, engine bay cleanings, and paint polishing.

Paint Correction

Remove swirls and scratches from your vehicle’s paintwork and increase gloss.

Certified SB3 Surface Specialists

We are trained and educated to confidently work on your vehicle. Paint, carbon fiber, suede. Whatever material it is, we know how to restore and protect it.

sb3 surface specialist

Build Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Every detailing service at Detail Sector is recorded to your CarFax Vehicle Service History to show you’ve properly cared for the appearance of your vehicle. This improves the resale value of the vehicle while making it look better than new.

Tell Us How We Can Help & Let Us Do the Rest

Give us a call or send an email. Explain your situation, what problem you’d like to solve, and we will do the rest.

Common Services

These are the services our customers request the most. Please call us at (631) 428-2119 for a customized package. All prices are starting prices and based on size & condition.

5 Year Ceramic Coating


Exterior Detail  •  Polishing  •  5 Year Coating

2 Year Ceramic Coating


Exterior Detail  •  Polishing  •  2 Year Coating

Winter Protection Package


Exterior & Interior Detail  •  6-12 Month Ceramic Sealant • Fabric Protection

Paint Correction


Swirl Removal  • Water Spot Removal •  Gloss Enhancement

Exterior Detail


Decontamination  •  Trim Restoration • Wheels & Tires • Clay Bar

Interior Detail


Steam Cleaning  •  Stains  •  Smells
*Quote given with visual inspection only

“John did a phenomenal job on my new truck. He took care of the truck as if it was his own. He is very knowledgeable about the process and products he uses. He was upfront and honest and did an outstanding job overall. He wasn’t pushy like several other detailing companies that try to tack on as much as they can. Overall I highly recommend his services! I will be using him again in the future!”
Nicholas Muccio

Google Review

“The owner John is very knowledgeable and took very good care of my vehicle being so meticulous of every little detail when it came to Ceramic coating my Subaru STI with a 2 year coating and then detailing. The car came out looking so shiny and reflective compared to the dealers detailing your vehicles where they leave swirl marks in the paint and wax in crevices of the frame of the vehicle. I will definitely be bringing my business back and telling many of people to come to this place for a perfect looking car.”
Dino Nuzzi

Google Review

A Detailing Studio You Can Trust

All of our services must be digitally approved, improving transparency and giving you a full record of all inspection photos taken during the detail on your receipt.

Inspection Photos

We record any damage or issues found during the detail and attach it to your digital receipt for record.

Approvals For All Services

Digitally approve all services and prices before we start. Complete transparency and no hidden costs.


All Services Recorded

We keep a record of all services completed for each vehicle. All inspection photos and previous documents are kept just in case.

Schedule Your Detail Today

Contact us today and let’s get started on creating a package for your vehicle. Once approved, we will get your detailing service scheduled.

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